Stop My Divorce

Help Me Save My Marriage And Stop My Divorce

How can I save my marriage when the odds are against me?

stop my divorce
Stop My Divorce

More than 2 out of every 3 serious relationships end in a break-up.

So many in fact that it makes you wonder whether we were meant to be together at all.

Despite the statistics, most of us want nothing more than to find a soul mate, settle down and live happily ever after.

Don’t worry because there is hope to save your marriage.

You don’t need to be married to suffer the pain of divorce

The breakdown of relationships isn’t limited to married people either. You don’t have to have a wedding to be in a committed and loving relationship but you can suffer the pain of divorce even if you can’t call it that. What is it that makes you push your partner away? What is it about people that makes you incapable of keeping your promises to one another?

Money plays a part in most relationships.

Many people who’ve gone through the trauma of divorce say that problems with money were a big factor contributing to their separation.

This is a very believable reason because not having enough money or using what little you have on the wrong things can make life pretty miserable.

Life is definitely easier with money than it is without it.

While the money theory is a good explanation I personally don’t buy it. I have yet to be convinced that poor people break up more frequently than the rich. You only have to follow the news to see people with loads of money suffering the same kind of relationship problems as the rest of us.

Nature didn’t design us to stay together but you still want to make your marriage work

My personal theory is that you and I are designed by nature to find a mate and remain with them just long enough to raise some kids. It’s basic I know but the facts as I see them fit my theory.

Whatever the reasons for divorce I still believe that most people wish and hope for a long, loving and lasting relationship, I know I do and I firmly believe that it’s possible to beat nature and make your marriage last. So what can you do to avoid ending your marriage?

Marriage is worth the effort, so work at it when your marriage needs help

Like everything worth having in this life, you need to work on your marriage. You need to work at keeping it alive and kicking every single day. There are no magic bullets and effective techniques don’t come naturally to most of us so you have to learn them. Just like you learned how to ride a bike you have to learn how to keep your marriage together to stop divorce before it starts.

Educate yourself to be an effective married person

There are 2 ways to learn how to be an effective married couple. The first way is by trial and error. Every day you should try something new. It doesn’t matter what it is but make sure that you have the partner that you love in mind when you do it and make sure that you make a mental note of whether or not it helped your relationship.

It may sound obvious but it’s important to remember not to repeat any of the things that you find to make your relationship worse. When you find things that make you a stronger couple do more of it more often and try more new things that are similar to this one.

The trial and error method can be a powerful weapon in keeping your partner close to you and it can be a lot of fun too. It does take time however so work at it every day and be patient.

Help me save my marriage using methods that work

The second method of learning how to save your marriage is to read books on the subject and learn from the experiences of others. By reading about things that work and those that don’t you will have a much better idea of what you’re doing when working at your marriage. Educating yourself by reading can make your trial and error efforts so much more effective you’ll hardly believe the results.

By: Steve Gee

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