Simple Truths Every Girl Needs to Know about Her Guy

Girls often have a hard time relating to the guys they love. There is a lot of truth to the 1990’s Mars and Venus book series by Dr. John Gray. Men and women seem to speak and understand different languages from one another.

Girls don’t understand what their guys are really saying and get their feelings hurt quite often when no negativity was implied from the guy at all. Then he’s baffled that she’s suddenly giving him the silent treatment and holding back tears.

Then the you know what hits the fan and it’s flying dishes and fireworks everywhere.

But it doesn’t HAVE to be that way. There are a few simple truths that could very well be relationship savers when girls figure them out about their men.

what every girl should know
what every girl should know

1) He Really Does Think about Nothing

It’s true. And every girl doubts it. You ask him what he’s thinking about. He says nothing. You get upset or hurt that he isn’t sharing with you. You think he’s hiding something from you. The truth is, he really isn’t thinking about a darn thing. If anything you might be jealous that you can’t harness that power yourself to see what it feels like to really think about nothing at all.

2) He Loves You Just the Way You Are

He really does. The only problem is that he never wants you to change. He’d be happiest if you’d stay the way you were the day you met forever. He wants you all flirty, happy, eager to impress, and lovey dovey. He doesn’t want that to end.

3) He Doesn’t Like Change

He doesn’t want you to change, as we’ve already mention, but he also doesn’t want to change himself. That’s why he’s so reluctant to eat healthier, start exercising, or cut out the salt. He really would be happy to have meatloaf every Monday, sit in the same recliner for fifty years, and drive the same truck until the tires fell off. It’s also why he has a not to subtle panic attack (though he’ll deny that until his dying day) whenever you start to make changes.

4) He has Emotional Needs Too

Women often mistake their husbands, boyfriends, etc. for people who lack emotional depth. The thing is, men have deep feelings. They don’t wear their emotions on their sleeves. Those waters run very deep. He may not profess his undying love for you every day, he may never be the Hallmark man of the year, but his love for you and his family is something he feels down deep and he needs reassurance from you, that his love is returned.

Once you understand these simple truths about the guys you love, you may find a new understanding for the dynamics in your relationship. Hopefully, you’ll have a new appreciation for the man you love and what really drives him in life so your relationship can be stronger than ever before.