How to Save Your Marriage!

Correct Your Mistakes And Save Your Marriage!

If you are doing your best and your marriage still doesn’t work, then you should know that you are not the only one in this situation. Even if it’s about reactions, feelings, bad advice or wrong behavior they all made something that pushed our partners away from us. But, when you discover you were mistaken, the chances of fixing your marriage increase.

Do not put pressure on your spouse!

Threatening or arguing with your partner is not a positive thing to do in a marriage, no matter the situation. Another form of pressure, which is often used, is begging. Even if you are not getting down on your knees, as long as you are crying or pleading it is still considered a form of begging. Telling your spouse that separation will ruin your children’s lives is a form of blackmail that leads to emotional pressure.

Pressure can take many forms. For example, if you insist to go at marriage counseling you are definitely putting pressure on your spouse. Therefore, you should know there are many ways to convince your spouse of something without using pressure. How can you do this? Instead of pressure, use logic.

Stop apologizing all the time!

It is essential to apologize for the things you did wrong especially when you plan to avoid them in the future. But, the problem appears when you start apologizing for things you didn’t do. Such an apology, first of all, sounds insincere, and secondly because you mocking your spouse. Thirdly, you look desperate and not attractive.

Apologizing all the time does neither improve nor solve anything. The best solution is to take 50% responsibility for the problem and realize that you have some problems you must deal with in order to save your marriage. In other words, when you say ” I want to save my marriage” assume responsibility for your fair share of the blame.Use these tips to help save your marriage.

Avoid quick conclusions!

If you have lived with your spouse for several decades, this does not mean that you can read their mind and know them like a book. Thus, don’t assume you know their feelings, thoughts or reactions. These emotions are buried deep in each person’s mind and might even be influenced by an unrelated event in the past that interfere in the present.

Avoid dishonesty!

Most people know that dishonesty leads to nothing but trouble, but few people really do consider this as important. Emotional intimacy is highly influenced by details such as work events, facts, hiding feelings, financial details. Eventually hiding such things will lead to a wedge between you and your spouse. Those events that have an impact on the relationship and are hidden will lead to future arguments. To avoid this, good communication should be a must in your relationship.

Stop waiting and start acting!

Waiting and hoping is probably one of the biggest mistakes ever, even if is so easy to be fixed. Many people just wait and hope things will eventually work out while resentment grows deeper. Marital problems do not work out themselves but require concrete action on your part.

If you really want to save your marriage you should take into account all these details and respect as much as possible. In this way, your chances will increase and maybe avoid separation. Each couple has to face problems, but if you know how to solve them, you will definitely strengthen your marriage. Using trust, commitment, honesty and love you can accomplish that.

By: Sally Saunders

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