How Badly Do You Really Want to Get Your Ex Back?

In the first few days following a breakup, getting your ex back is probably all you can think about. It becomes a mantra playing repeatedly in your mind. Depending on how long and deeply involved the relationship may have been, it may be the only thing helping you hold onto a little bit of sanity as your mind comes to terms with what your heart has already discovered — the pain of loss.

It’s important to allow a little time to pass before you make your move and try to get your ex back. Why is that? Because sometimes it’s best to gain a little perspective and distance from the heartache you’re feeling right now.

Distance makes it possible for your ex to forgive hurtful words and deeds, forget pain, and begin to remember the pleasure of being with you. Allowing time for some of the more pleasant aspects of your relationship to resurface in the heart and mind of your ex buys the time you really need to make a positive impression. Unfortunately, you have to want it really bad in order to do this. It takes a lot of discipline to hold off long enough for the good memories to come back to life.

That’s the problem most people in your shoes have, though. Finding the patience and strength of will it takes to really let your ex go and wait. Wait, however long it takes, for your ex to come back to you.

However, there are things you can do to fill your time so that it doesn’t feel like you’re waiting around forever for your ex to come back to his or her senses and realize what a catch you really are.

  1. ¬†Get in shape. Whether you wish you were a little more muscular or want to lose a few extra pounds, there’s no time like the present to get started. Not only will this leave a more attractive package when your ex does come calling, it’s a great way to boost your confidence, restore your self-esteem, and fill the hours that are no longer devoted to spending time with your ex.
  2. Go back to school. Even if you aren’t going back for a degree. Many colleges are participating in the open culture of study these days. You can take classes from Harvard, Yale, and other top universities throughout the country free online. The knowledge you gain from these courses is invaluable even if you don’t gain a degree. Some programs offer certificates of completion that can help provide you with greater upward mobility in your chosen profession.
  3. Focus on activities and interests that lift you up. We all have areas in our lives where we’d like to see improvement. We all want to be better than we are in some ways. Now is the perfect chance for you to focus on being a better YOU!

While you’re busy doing all these things, your ex is busy missing you. More importantly, he or she is hearing, from others, about all the positive changes you’re making. Your ex is sure to want to be a part of the improvements going on in your life. Now is the time when your ex is most likely to come calling. Do you know what you’re going to say when your ex does?