Heartbreak Songs

Heartbreak Songs – Use Them To Get Back Together

Heartbreak songs are the perfect songs after you’ve broken up with the person that you love. You don’t feel like listening to anything cheerier. In fact, some cheerier songs can only make things worse because you’re reminded of the good times you had together. You may even try your hand at writing Heartbreak songs after your break up.

Heartbreak songs are an old tradition, reaching back to probably the day man discovered music and singing. And to the day he discovered broken hearts. If you’re not comfortable trying to come up with an entire song or you have trouble rhyming, you can always write a poem instead.

You can even write your ex a long letter in which you express yourself, if you feel a poem or song is just too hard or too far removed from that they would actually expect of you. But if you can make up a song that truly expresses how you feel then you should go for it.

If you’ve ever had someone write a poem or a song for you, you know how great it feels. So the idea that you would make up Heartbreak songs might really move your ex to think about what’s going on. They’re sure to be touched in some say by the gesture, at least.

To write these songs, you only need to write poetry and then put it to music. You have to write the words, but you don’t have to be able to write music. Just come up with a melody and sing the songs to that melody. If you can’t come up with a melody of your own, then pick a melody from a favorite song and write new words for it.

Still, writing songs isn’t for everyone. Fortunately there have been millions of them written for you already! You probably already have a few favorites that you like to listen to. Now they might have an entirely new meaning when you listen to them.

There’s a good chance that your ex will find new meaning in them too, since you’ve broken up. You could burn a CD of several sad songs about break ups and send it to him or her with a letter. The thing that makes this so effective is that you’ll very carefully choose the songs you include.

Just because a song is sad and about a breakup doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to include it. Really listen to the words and the sentiment behind them. Then choose songs that especially fit your situation.

I can really be effective to choose a few sad songs about the relationship being strained or ending, and include a really uplifting love song among them. If you have a special song as a couple, including that as the last song on the CD can remind your ex of happier times.

Heartbreak songs are there to help you heal, but if you use them correctly they may help you get back together with your ex.