Can I Save My Marriage?

Can I Save My Marriage? Advice To Prevent Divorce

Divorce is no longer a background issue for people getting married or who are married with the rates of splitting up skyrocketing due to many factors in our changing culture and social structures.

Instead, it is something always there as a shadow in their thoughts as they are bombarded with celebrities divorcing and media statistics that sow doubt and fear but do make people think how can I save my marriage before it becomes too late as they know where the road of marital problems can lead for half of married couples.

Another problem you may face trying to save your marriage is the belief that you are the only one trying and that no matter what you do it is being sabotaged by your partner who does not put the effort in or seems to deliberately make things worse.

The strain on your life, health, work and happiness because of this can be devastating making the task harder and harder and many people simply give up and go with the flow without thinking or trying anymore perhaps also thinking it is a foregone conclusion; this is not always the case as you can save your marriage!

When you look at the strongest happiest marriages what is it you see?

Commitment, compatibility, stability?

All these things and more may be true but none of them can exist in a vacuum because commitment can be a miserable thing is you are not compatible and compatibility without commitment leads to infidelity or a slide into a situation you feel like friends but not partner and lovers.

It is my belief that all the good things in a marriage come from one concept and one word that can be greatly misunderstood:


Now most people DO love their spouse but the commitment to love and making it grow day by day can be forgotten or taken for granted.

This leads to the real issues of happiness, contentment, and passion being obscured by petty issues that become a surrogate method of releasing frustration in a marriage.

Not that all arguments are about petty things but with an attitude of being in love even the difficult situations can be overcome together and this then becomes an issue very closely tied to love which is communication.

When you ask ‘can I save my marriage’ what you really mean is can I communicate my love to my partner and solve the problems that inhibit a loving relationship.

This is all about methods of communication which are skills that can be very difficult to develop but when put in place can provide amazing results in defusing hostility, getting the core of a problem and then solving it which then solves the surface issues as well.

By: James Fargo

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So if you are prepared to be the one who saves your marriage even if you think your partner does not want it, click below to find guides with step by step formulas written by experts in marriage & divorce that can help you prevent your divorce and save your marriage.

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Can I Save My Marriage?

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Can I Save My Marriage?