6 Strategic Moves You Need to Make to Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back

All’s fair in love and war. Believe me, when love is on the skids, it certainly feels like war. We all know that the army with superior forces and sound strategies is the most certain of victors in any war. The same holds true when the war is for the heart of someone who has taken her heart back. These strategic moves are sure to improve your odds.

  1. Give her space. It may sound counter-intuitive at the moment, but it’s important to give her a little breathing room to figure out what it is that she really wants. Give it to her.
  2. Be absent from her life. She’ll never realize how much you mean to her or how much she misses having you around if you’re always there for her when she needs you. This is not the way to win her back. It’s rewarding her by giving her all the best of you without requiring the same from her in return. That’s not how successful relationships work.
  3. Make her come to you. Don’t call, text, email, visit, etc. Don’t go to her. Instead, wait. Then, make her come to you. Let her be the one who sees that breaking up was a mistake. Let her figure out just how much she really does miss having you in her life. Let her come to you.
  4. Don’t be overly eager. In fact, work very hard on your composure. Practice what you’ll say if you run into her. Work on the words, the phrases, and the overall message you want to send. Make sure she knows you’re doing just fine without her in your life.
  5. Show the world you haven’t fallen apart. Women like strong men, no matter what they tell you. It may be that you have a girl who enjoys your sensitive side, but thousands of years of history show that women are attracted to men of strength, especially in times of adversity. Don’t fall apart. More importantly, don’t let the word spread if you do fall apart after the initial breakup.
  6. Stop pretending to be someone you’re not in hopes of getting her back. Any ground you gain by pretending will be lost quickly once you begin dating again. You can’t pretend forever. She’ll eventually see through the exterior. If you want to make real, lasting changes, that’s great. Don’t pretend, however, that you’ve changed core things about yourself just for the sake of winning her back. It doesn’t serve either of you in the end and can set you back even further in your efforts to win her heart all over again.

Come up with a plan before you make your next move, if you haven’t made one already. If you’ve already made a few mistakes trying to get her back, take this time to step back and come up with a strategy before making your next move. Remember these strategies to help you get her back as well.